Digital Banner Ads

Stimulate the need for your business with strategically designed Digital Banner Ads. With 5 different sizes and shapes available, promote a strong call to action, stay top-of-mind and gain a competitive edge in your industry.


Why purchase Digital Banner Ads?

  • Establish strong brand awareness and presence
  • Increase conversions and leads
  • Stand out over your competition with exclusive and prominent brand placement
  • Reach a broad audience across Saskatchewan


  • App Advertising: home screen ads allow you to target a Regina or Saskatoon audience. In-app tile ads offer targeting capabilities in one of our lifestyle categories. 12 month campaigns available.
  • DesktopĀ & Mobile Advertising: choose between Heading, Site, Skyscraper or Tile ads. There are many prominent locations available and opportunities to target your ad within one of our lifestyle categories. Options are available for 3, 6, or 12 month campaigns.
  • Expert creative design with one on one customization based on your business needs
  • Strategic placement on Mysask411 – online and mobile app options
  • Monthly activity reporting

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Digital Banner Ads