Custom Video Development

Capture the attention of more people and deliver an impactful message that ignites the need for your business with a strong digital video. Take advantage of our video production expertise to enhance your engagement with customers and motivate them to take action with you.
As an added bonus, we will post your video onto our Mysask411 YouTube Channel for additional exposure!


Why purchase Custom Videos?

  • We take care of video production and creation
  • Allows you to deliver information using an engaging medium
  • Build company and product recognition and desire
  • Showcase storefront location, atmosphere and/or customer testimonials
  • Increase leads with a powerful call to action


  • One-on-one video/photo customization and direction
  • Professional video development, edits and production
  • Appear on both and the Mysask411 Mobile App
  • Dual exposure of your video with placement on Mysask411’s YouTube Channel
  • Choice between one or more of the following for placement on Mysask411:
    • Supply your own 60 sec. video
    • 60 sec. Custom Produced Video
    • 60 sec. Photo Montage (10-12 photos with optional voiceover and music)

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Custom Video Development