Capture the attention of more people and deliver an impactful message that ignites the need for your business with a strong digital video. Take advantage of our video production expertise to enhance your engagement with customers and motivate them to take action with you.
As an added bonus, we will post your video onto our Mysask411 YouTube Channel for additional exposure!


Why purchase Custom Videos?

  • Form an emotional connection with customers and increase engagement
  • Strengthen brand recognition through telling the story of your business
  • Create a personality for your business by showcasing the atmosphere of your business or customer testimonials
  • Potential to increase leads with a powerful call to action


We off the following video options:

  • Photo Montage: 10-12 photos that you supply will be turned into a video complete with voice-over and background music.
  • Customer Supplied Videos: We take video that you supply and create an impactful 1 minute video.
  • Social Media Videos: Create four 15-30 second professionally made, high quality social videos. Our video team will help you choose topics, edit and provide voice-overs.
  • Holiday Videos: Purchase a holiday themed template with a customized holiday message. We offer 15 and 30 second template videos.

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