We Care About the Environment


From start to finish and every step along the way, the life-cycle of the Mysask411 Phonebook is based on environmentally responsible products and partnerships and begins long before it hits your doorstep.

  • ADMINISTRATION – We use the smallest font possible minimizing the number of pages needed. Everyone in our office
    prints double sided. Our Media Advisor’s use mobile devices for sales presentations & submit paperwork electronically
    instead of unnecessarily wasting paper.
  • PAPER SOURCE – All paper used is Elemental Chlorine-Free and is made of post-consumer fibre & FSC Chain-of-Custody
    certified residual wood chips.
  • PRINTING & PRODUCTION – We utilize pollution control systems as one tool to help us minimize our impact on the environment.The directories we print are 100% recyclable as they are made in part from recycled materials, printed with
    inks containing soy and/or vegetable oils, and produced with non-toxic glue.
  • DISTRIBUTION – In order to eliminate waste plastic bags are not used for distribution unless inclement weather is present. All of our drivers utilize a GPS system whereby we can track deliveries and minimize excess phonebooks by verifying the actual number required.
  • RECYCLING – All Mysask411 Phonebooks are completely recyclable and can easily be recycled at your nearest paper recycling bin or through a curbside recycling program.
  • USEFUL CONSUMER PRODUCTS – Recycling your old Mysask411 Phonebook creates many useful consumer products such as insulation, packing material, boxes, egg cartons, mulch & animal bedding.

The same great content is accessible digitally with our Mysask411 online & mobile search platforms.
If you would rather use a Mysask411 digital search platform instead, you can opt out of residential home
delivery or customize your business order, please contact DirectWest at 1-800-667-8201.